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Press Dossier   By Date  17/03/2024
Home ownership eyed by 77% of Saudi-based expats, reveals survey
A new premium residency visa has spurred home-ownership demand among Saudi-based expats, with 77 percent now looking to buy a property, a survey has revealed.
‘Saudi Arabia could double hotel rooms in the next 10 years’
Saudi Arabia should double the number of hotel rooms in the next 10 years to meet the rising number of religious tourists, a top official has said.
Saudi authorities arrest 19,746 illegals in one week
Saudi authorities arrested 19,746 people in one week for breaching residency, work and border security regulations, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.
UAE: Can drug addicts get treated without being arrested? Rehab centres, laws explained
Know someone struggling with drug addiction? Laws set in the UAE, along with rehab facilities ensure that individuals struggling with narcotics get the help they need.
3-month amnesty for visa violators
The interior ministry on Thursday announced a three-month amnesty for residency violators, allowing expats living illegally in the country to legalize their stay after paying fines or to leave Kuwait without paying any fines.
MoI may amend rules for family, visit visas by June
The Ministry of Interior is thinking of reviewing and introducing some amendments to the rules for granting family, commercial and tourist visas to the expats and the amendments will be announced by June this year, sources familiar with the matter said.
UAE: Can residents travel abroad if Emirates ID renewal is still under process?
I have completed my residence visa renewal but Emirates ID renewal is under process. Will I be able to travel abroad?
UAE: Can employees get paid for overtime hours in Ramadan?
Can I earn overtime by working more than the normal Ramadan working hours in a mainland company? How does that work?
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