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Press Dossier    By Date   17/03/2024 UAE: Can drug addicts get treated without being arrested? Rehab centres, laws explained

Khaleej Times, Sun, Mar 17, 2024 | Ramadan 7, 1445

UAE: Can drug addicts get treated without being arrested? Rehab centres, laws explained

Emirates: Know someone struggling with drug addiction? Laws set in the UAE, along with rehab facilities ensure that individuals struggling with narcotics get the help they need.

As per the UAE's federal law (Article 89), if a drug addict requests treatment on his/her own will, then no criminal case will be levied against the person. This also holds true if the spouse of the addict or a close relative or any one who is responsible for their upbringing refers the addict for treatment.

What can loved ones do?

Addicts or their loved ones can submit a request to the Addiction Treatment Unit, police or the public prosecution. This request must be submitted before any arrest warrant is issued to ensure that the person gets the necessary treatment.

The individual is then required by the authority to hand over the narcotic or psychotropic substances.

He/she must also adhere to the treatment plan provided by the authority in charge. It is up to the unit to decide the duration of the stay in rehab.

Treatment and rehab centres

Across the UAE, there are treatment centres to ensure necessary interventions for drug addicts.

These centres aim to give addicts the accurate treatment and rehabilitation to ensure their recovery and return to society as a productive and successful individual.

These centres also ensure full privacy and confidentiality of the individual's identity and history.

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