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Press Dossier    By Date   17/03/2024 MoI may amend rules for family, visit visas by June

Kuwait Times, Sun, Mar 17, 2024 | Ramadan 7, 1445

MoI may amend rules for family, visit visas by June

Kuwait: The Ministry of Interior is thinking of reviewing and introducing some amendments to the rules for granting family, commercial and tourist visas to the expats and the amendments will be announced by June this year, sources familiar with the matter said. The decision to review the conditions was taken following a security study which was conducted by the MoI and comes more than a month after the government announced the plan to open up the country.

The sources indicated that the amendment of the decision will mostly be issued before next June adding that the government will implement the decision on visas for certain, although some conditions may be introduced to make the plan fool-proof. The decision was originally taken in view of necessary social aspects, including facilitation and support for residents, as well as the revitalization of commercial and tourism sectors of the country.

The sources pointed out that the amendments being made are related to the salary condition on the family visit visas where it is currently required that the breadwinner’s salary should not be less than KD 400 while granting the visa to the father, mother, wife and children, and KD 800 for the rest of the relatives. “Some complaints have been raised with regard to the salary clause. Many ask if the one who will be issued a family visit visa is an infant, does he/she needs the breadwinner to have a salary of at least KD 400 as is the case for the father and mother. The sources explained that this condition may be revised.

They reported that there are attempts to circumvent certain clauses so that some families may be able to obtain a visit visa as it can come with a certificate from the sponsor that his salary is more than KD 800. Regarding the question of airlines, the sources pointed out that the condition of the national carrier, will remain the same, but with certain amendments. There could be exceptions for nationals of countries who do not have direct airline connections between them and Kuwait or where there are no flights for Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways for security reasons or others, the sources added.

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