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Press Dossier    By Date   21/04/2024 KPC launches a unified e-commerce platform

Kuwait Times, Sun, Apr 21, 2024 | Shawwal 12, 1445

KPC launches a unified e-commerce platform

Kuwait: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) launched a unified electronic commerce platform for the oil sector to facilitate and develop relations between the corporation and its subsidiaries on the one hand and its partners inside and outside on the other. Speaking at a festival organized by the corporation in Ahmadi City, CEO of KPC Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Nasser Al-Sabah said the platform is the first phase of the “smart purchasing” initiative.

He added that it is a digital transformation initiative aimed at embodying the corporation’s vision to benefit from innovation and the optimal use of technology while maximizing profitability. The corporation has worked for years to set up a technological and innovative plan, as he said, noting that the initiative established a unified system through which digitalization and import operations are provided. He elaborated that the initiative also seeks to reduce risks and ensure information and data in purchases.

The success of digital transformation projects depends on three factors: the ability to manage changes, teamwork, and excellence, Sheikh Nawaf said. He stressed that such factors ensure supporting and developing the national economy through innovation and technology in the gas and oil industries. He lauded the action system that made this progress, mainly the supreme purchase committee, which played a great role in developing the commercial sector, and Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

Meanwhile, Kholoud Al-Mutairi, deputy CEO and head of the high guidelines committee, said work on implementing this huge project started in 2022. The project included 158 workers within 26 teams and committees, while the number of users of this system hit 7,000, she noted. The festival witnessed a short documentary on the challenges facing the team and how they overcame them.

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