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Press Dossier    By Date   14/04/2024 Qataris favor villas as top residential choice, official data reveals

Arab News, Sun, Apr 14, 2024 | Shawwal 5, 1445

​​Qataris favor villas as top residential choice, official data reveals

Qatar: Residential building permits in Qatar surged in March, reaching 257 licenses, up from 193 the previous month, according to official data.

Analyzing the report, Qatar’s Planning and Statistics Authority identified villas as the prevailing preference, constituting 88 percent of all new residential building permits.

Subsequently, apartment building licenses held an 11 percent share with 29 approvals, while other residential buildings accounted for 1 percent, amounting to two licenses only. 

According to the release, jointly published by the authority and the Ministry of Municipality, Al-Rayyan city emerged as the frontrunner among those listed. 

It claimed the top position with 210 building permits issued, making up 28 percent of the total approvals. Al-Doha municipality secured the second spot with 179, accounting for 24 percent of the total issuance during the same month. 

Meanwhile, Al-Wakrah secured the third position, issuing 120 permits, constituting 16 percent of the total. Al-Da’ayen, on the other hand, ranked fourth, issuing 111 licenses, representing 15 percent of the overall permits. 

According to the statement published by the authority, the remaining municipalities included Al-Khor with 55 approvals, Umm Slal with 39, Al-Sheehaniya with 27 and Al-Shammal, which issued six. 

The statement added that concerning the categories of approvals granted, the data indicates that new construction licenses for residential and non-residential units constituted 42 percent, totaling 310 clearances of the overall building approvals issued that month. 

It further highlighted that permits for extension constructions comprised 53 percent, encompassing 399 issued licenses, while permissions for fencing recorded a modest 5 percent, with a total of 38 granted building approvals. 

In contrast, the report noted that industrial structures, including workshops and factories, took the lead in non-residential structure licenses with 18 approvals. Service and infrastructure buildings followed closely with 13 licenses, followed by commercial builds with nine permits. 

When comparing the approvals issued in March 2024 with those granted a month prior, the authority noted a general decrease of 8 percent, with the municipalities of Al-Sheehaniya and Al-Doha registering a 42 and 26 percent decline, respectively.

Furthermore, Al-Wakrah and Al Khor each saw a 20 percent decrease and Al-Rayyan witnessed a 9 percent drop. Similarly, Al-Shammal saw a 54 percent reduction, while Umm Slal and Al-Da’ayen registered a 26 percent and 10 percent downturn, respectively.

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