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Press Dossier    By Date   08/04/2024 Saudi Arabia invites public input for law on dry gas and LPG distribution

Arab News, Mon, Apr 08, 2024 | Ramadan 29, 1445

​​Saudi Arabia invites public input for law on dry gas and LPG distribution

Saudi Arabia: A new law regulating gas distribution for residential and commercial purposes is open for public consultation as Saudi Arabia aims to ensure nationwide efficiency and safety. 

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy has sought input from the general public on the law, inviting interested individuals to share their opinions through a polling platform until April 28, Al-Ekhbariya reported. 

The law aims to regulate activities in a manner that serves the public interest and protects the rights and claims of consumers and licensees. This is achieved by ensuring compliance with approved policies related to requirements while supplying gas for residential and commercial purposes. 

Additionally, it endeavors to ensure that distribution is carried out in accordance with relevant environmental standards and measures. 

The law also aims to encourage investments in the distribution network by fostering a competitive environment that ensures a fair economic return. This initiative enables consumers in the Kingdom’s provinces to receive dry gas and LPG. 

The draft oversees the regulations that should be followed while distributing dry gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and synthetic natural gas.  

According to the ministry, dry gas consists of methane and may include ethane, small quantities of heavier hydrocarbon compounds, and other components. 

On the other hand, LPG refers to hydrocarbon products consisting of propane and butane, which are sold separately or as a combination of fuel and feedstock. 

SNG is a mixture produced by blending LPG with air, which exhibits properties similar to the components involved in the combustion of dry gas. 

In February, the ministry revealed that Saudi Arabian Oil Co. discovered an additional 15 trillion standard cubic feet of gas in the Kingdom’s Jafurah Field.

In a press statement, the ministry announced that the discovery also includes two billion barrels of condensate. 

With this latest finding, the quantity of resources in the field has become 229 trillion standard cubic feet of gas and 75 billion barrels of condensate, the ministry added, citing Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman. 

The statement added that energy giant Saudi Aramco made this discovery by applying the highest international standards in estimating and developing hydrocarbon resources to ensure their proper exploitation.

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