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Press Dossier    By Date   01/04/2024 Kamco Invest Saudi partners with Flexam to introduce European leasing opportunities

Arab News, Mon, Apr 01, 2024 | Ramadan 22, 1445

​​Kamco Invest Saudi partners with Flexam to introduce European leasing opportunities

Saudi Arabia: Saudi investors will gain access to Shariah-compliant leasing opportunities in Europe’s logistics and transportation sectors following a partnership between Kamco Invest and Paris-based Flexam Invest. 

The Saudi arm of Kamco Invest, a Kuwait-based non-banking financial powerhouse, signed a memorandum of understanding at its regional headquarters in Riyadh with the European asset financing firm specializing in small and medium enterprises, aiming to assist local investors with innovative investment solutions. 

Mohammed Al-Faris, CEO of Kamco Invest Saudi, said: “We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Flexam, which represents an additional milestone in our mission to diversify and enrich our investment offerings.”   

According to a press statement, the leasing strategy is expected to leverage opportunities within the logistics and transportation sectors, with a focus on the decarbonization of new and existing assets.  

The statement further noted that the agreement represents a significant step to broaden Kamco Invest Saudi’s portfolio of Shariah-compliant offerings.  

He added: “This collaboration will allow us to offer our clients innovative investment solutions that are Shariah-compliant while simultaneously contributing to a sustainable future. We believe that this partnership will deliver exceptional value to investors through a managed risk approach.”  

The CEO emphasized that the MoU signifies Kamco Invest Saudi’s ongoing commitment to innovation and dedication to meeting the needs of its clients.

“It highlights the company’s strategic direction toward expanding its presence in the private markets sector, offering a wider array of investment opportunities that adhere to the highest standards of compliance and ethical investment,” he said.  

Fabrice Fraikin, managing partner of Flexam, said that this partnership will help the real asset financing company showcase its track record and penetrate into Saudi Arabia’s local market.  

“Our collaboration is based on a mutual understanding of the importance of sustainable investment solutions that comply with Shariah laws. We are excited to leverage our expertise in real asset financing to contribute to this unique offering, aiming to set new standards in the leasing sector and support sustainability efforts in the logistics and transportation industries,” he added.  

Flexam specializes in asset financing for SMEs in Europe, particularly in the transportation and logistics sectors, boasting approximately $7 billion in assets under management.

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