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Press Dossier   By Date  24/03/2024
UAE travel tech sets high ambitions for Saudi expansion
The burgeoning expatriate community and digital surge in Saudi Arabia have beckoned UAE-based travel tech startup Tumodo to expand its horizons.
UAE’s industrial exports surge by 60% to $50bn in 3 years: minister
The UAE’s industrial exports surged by 60 percent over the past three years, amounting to a projected 187 billion dirhams ($50.9 billion), according to a minister.
Early-stage startups across the MENA region secure funding rounds
Startups throughout the Middle East and North Africa region are experiencing a surge in funding, significantly energizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Saudi deals prompt Pakistani IT firms to eye $3.5bn in exports
Major deals with Saudi firms have left Pakistan’s information technology exporters hopeful of hitting the $3.5 billion trade milestone in 2024.
Saudi Arabia boosts its maritime connectivity with India
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz Port has strengthened connections to India’s nautical hubs thanks to increased cooperation between two Gulf maritime bodies.
Saudi Arabia arrests 21,151 illegals in one week
Saudi authorities arrested 21,151 people in one week for breaching residency, work and border security regulations, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.
UAE: Can funds be raised legally for a needy friend? Law explained
My friend is genuinely in need of money. He lost his job recently. He wants to stay here till his children complete their school term. However, he is now completely broke. I know fundraising is illegal in the UAE, but in such cases, how can I seek help for him legally? Who should I approach?
Dubai: Can an employee file a case against company for withdrawing offer letter?
A Dubai-based company has extended an offer letter to me. I plan to accept it and resign from my current job. However, I have a question. What happens if my new employer withdraws the offer letter after I resign? I am concerned about this. Please advise.
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