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www.mohamoon.net plans to publish a comprehensive Arab states legislations encyclopedia, collectively on Web Site, besides many other services, with the objective of publishing accurate reliable information and knowledge on the Arab and Islamic Legislations, not only inside the Arab nation or the Islamic countries but to all Internet users worldwide, too.

Our net provides the interested reader with a web site of the Emirati Law Encyclopedia in both Arabic; www.mohamoon-uae.com and English www.GulfLegislation.com to acquaint and keep the user updated with all the Emirati legislations, regulations, and related resolutions, instructions and decisions in Arabic and English language, respectively.

The Site uses the advanced Internet telecommunications techniques to present the largest specialized Emirati Legislations Encyclopedia, developed and updated daily to become a renewable reference serving many interested persons and specialists groups both inside and outside the UAE. Our main purpose is to provide reliable services to lawyers, advocates, legal counselors and others of similar competencies, through compiling the UAE legislations, schedules and amendments thereof and the legal commentaries and the likes, respectively in only one electronic encyclopedia of legislations. This encyclopedia is the first to be issued in the UAE or abroad as for comprehensiveness (inclusiveness), updating, and the easy multi-choices search and surfing. The source of this electronic Encyclopedia is the state official Gazette.

With the launch of the Emirati Legislations Encyclopedia in English language the reader will follow up and be updated of the Emirati legislations immediately upon issuance in English language for the first time on the Web Site, through translation from the Arabic official source and thus, it will be available for all the subscribers of the Site.

The site in appreciation and understanding the need of the professionals and law practitioners; such as lawyers, advocates, judges, legal counselors, experts, detectives, researchers or other interested readers. The site provides the following:-

1- The subscriber can easily and promptly have access to whatever he wants through a search engine.

2- The subscriber can, in all cases, copy, transcript, or print the whole text or part of it, for non-commercial use, from the documents on the site.

in addition to many other services:-

Mailing List: helps the subscriber, through free registration, to be aware- first by first- of the latest updating of the site.

A team of Emirati legal counselors beside a team of computer and Internet experts as well as translators, auditors and an integrated administrative and technical body is attending to the follow up and to add whatever comes up once it is issued.

You can benefit from the great services of the Web Site.

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