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Encyclopedia of laws>Systems Of The Arab Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Royal Decree No. M/30 dated 17/5/1427 (H) Approving Unified Law for Combating Dumping and Substitute and Precautionary Procedures for the GCC States 
Council of Ministers Resolution No.139 dated 25/6/1407 (H) about Applying Unified Rules of Giving Priority in Governmental Procurements to National Products and Products of National Origin 
Royal Decree No. M / 15 dated 01.03.1433 on the application of the provisions of common system to extend insurance protection to the citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC 
Royal Decree No. M / 5 dated 01/18/1433 approving the common system to extend insurance protection for military personnel from the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council 
Council of ministers' decision No.139 in 25/6/1407(H) 
Royal Decree No. M/7 date 20/3/1434H 
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