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Encyclopedia of laws>Finance and Economy

Financial Inspection Law
Income Tax Law
Public Procurements Law
Financial Representatives Law
Law of Securing Government Procurements and Executing its Projects
Customs Tariff Law
Certified Accounting Law
Law of Levying the State Money
Zakat Levying Law
The Criminal Law on Forging & Imitating Banknotes
Customs Law
Vessels and Watercraft Units Registration Fees Law
Law of Extra Income Tax on Companies Engaged in Petroleum Production
The Supreme Economic Council Law
Bank Control Law
The Kingdom’s Government Annual Expenses Law
The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Law
Saudi Arabian Currency Law
Ministry of Finance Law
Internal Law of the Ministry of Finance

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Decree of Council of Ministers No. 155 and the date Jumada al-Thani 5, 1429 A. H. 
Rules and procedures to deal with delay in the implementation of governmental projects 
Executive Regulations of Credit Information System Issued by a Royal Decree No. M/37 dated on Rajab 5, 1429 H.J. 
Decree No. (261) dated: 12/8/1433 H- Approving the Execution/Enforcement Law  
Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. (259) dated on Sha'ban 12, 1433 A.H. On approving Finance Companies Control System 
Royal Decree No. M / 31 dated 05/11/1433 approving the Anti-Money Laundering 
The Approval of the Saudi Industrial Property Authority Organization 
Executive Decision For Economic Cities Authority No. (1424 / Q) and dated 22/05/1435H 
Economic Cities Authority Executive Regulations 
Capital Market Law 
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