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Encyclopedia of laws>Real Estate,Planning and Housing

Law of Roads and Buildings
Distribution of Fallow Lands Law
Law of Real Estate Development Fund
Law of Disposal of Municipal Real Estates
Law of Non Saudis Proprietorship of Real Estates and Investment on thereon
Law of Misappropriation of Real Estate for Public Interest (Cancelled)
Law of Transferring Proprietorship of Real Estate to Citizens of Countries of the Cooperative Council of Arab Gulf
Organization of Real Estate Rents
The System of Ownership Units Estates and Their Sorting
The Realty in kind Registration Law
The Real Estate Dealers' Offices Regulation
Statute of the Corporation of Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz for Parents for Developmental Housing
Government Lease and Evacuation of Real Property Law
Law of Time Sharing in Tourist Real Estate Units
Law of Expropriation of Real Estate for the Public Benefit and the Provisional Seizure of Property
Regulation of the General Authority for Housing
Law of General Survey Authority (GSA)
Land Surveying Offices Organization Regulation
Law of the Registered Mortgage

The Text of the Population Consensus Law 
The Text of the Law of the State General Consensuses 
The Text of the General Population Consensus Law 
Decree No. (258) dated: 12/8/1433 H- Approving the Real Estate Finance Law 
Council of Ministers' Decree No. (257), dated 12/8/1433 H- Approving the Registered Real Estate Mortgage Law  
Royal Decree No.: M / 48 dated: 13/8/1433 H Approving the Leasing Finance Law  
Royal Decree No. M/49 dated on August 13, 1433 A.H On approving Registered SystemMortgage 
Royal Decree No.: M / 50 dated: 13/8/1433 H 
Royal Decree No.: M / 51 dated: 13/8/1433 H Regarding the Law on Supervision of Finance Companies. 
Decree No. 124 dated on Jumaada Awal 29, 1403 A.H. obliging non Saudi contractors to resort completely to Saudi contractors not less than 30% of tasks included in contracts thereof. 
Executive Regulations of Financial Leasing System 
Executive Regulations of Mortgage Financing System 
Executive Regulations of Financing Companies Monitoring System 
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