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Encyclopedia of laws>Health Affairs

Hospitals Law
Law of Doctors, Pharmacists and Foreign Governments Dispensaries
Law of Health Precautions for Protection against Communicable Diseases
The Basic Law of the Red Crescent Society
Cooperative Medical Insurance Law
Law of Practicing the Pharmaceutical Profession & Trading in Medications and Medical Preparations
Law of Practicing Human Medicine and Dentistry Profession
The Saudi Authority for Medical Specializations Law
Procedures & Instructions of Aerial First Aid Transport
Law of Vaccination against Small Pox
King Faisal Specialized Hospital Law
The Health Law
Health Conditions for Arrivals for Pilgrimage
Law of Fertility Units, Fetuses and Sterility Treatment
Law of the Private Health Institutions
Organs Transplanting Program
The Law of Mother's Milk Alternatives Circulation
The Law of Pharmaceutical Establishments and Synthetics (Preparations)
Health Professions Practicing Law Bill
Law of Public Authority for Food and Medicines

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The Text of the Regulation of the Rules of Saudi Consultants Physicians of the Official Office Hours 
Ministerial Decree No. (1666) dated on Ramadan 15, 1421 A.H. With the necessity of sticking a card on genetically engineered dietary products 
Royal Decree No. M / 47 dated 08/07/1433 approving the health surveillance system at ports of entry 
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