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Encyclopedia of laws>Trade and Investment

The Ministry of Commerce Jurisdictions Law
Foreign Investment Law
The Law of Trade Names
Law of Commercial Papers
The Commercial Court Law
The Arbitration Law
Bankruptcy Preventive Settlement Law
Commercial Books Law
Royal Decree No. M/6 Dated 22/3/1385(H) Approving Companies Law
Military Products Companies Law
Law of the Commercial Companies Working in Petroleum Field
The Professional Companies Law
Trademarks Law
Royal Decree No. M/28 Dated 25/6/1382 (H) Approving The Law of Boycotting Israel
The Commercial Register law
General Investments Fund Law
Law of Precious Metals and Stones
Law of Anti - Commercial Fraud
  Royal Decree No. (M/29) dated 13/9/1383H Approving the Calibrating and Measurements Law
Law of Saudi Arabian Organization for Specifications and Measurements

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Royal decree No. M/12 in 10/3/1424 (H) about the unified principles of licensing technical and economic communications offices in the kingdom 
Council of Ministers Resolution No.139 dated 25/6/1407 (H) about Applying Unified Rules of Giving Priority in Governmental Procurements to National Products and Products of National Origin 
Government Tenders and Procurement Law 
Circular of the Minister of Finance No. 2272/17,regarding the cancellation of the Condition of submitting Zakat Certificate when paying the final installments of the direct purchases operations in the limits of One Hundred Thousand Riyals exchange limits 
Circular regarding the application of Government Tenders and Procurement Law issued by Royal Decree No. 58 Date 4/9/1427H and its Executive Regulations issued by Decision No. 362 Date 20/2/1428H 
Royal Decree No M/3 Dated 28/1/1437H for Companies Law 
Royal Decree No. M / 17 dated 14/11 / 1417H Regarding the Approval for the establishment of the Saudi Arabian Mining Company Ma'aden 
The Council of Ministers decision No.179, on the 8th11-1417 to approve the incorporation of “Maaden” - the Saudi Arabian Mining Company 
Royal Decree No.75/m on the 21st, 11, 1424 Hijra C. 
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