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Encyclopedia of laws>Communications and Information Technology

Royal Decree No.M/18 dated 8/3/1428(H) Approving Electronic Transactions Law
Post Law
Post Law Pertinent to Ordinary and Registered Letters (Correspondences)
Mail Remittance Law
The Letters and Remitted In and Insured Parcels Law
The Ordinary and Insured Parcels Law
Communications and Information Technology Commission
The Saudi Telecommunication Company
Royal Decree No. M/12 dated 12/3/1422(H) Concerning The Communications Law
Mobile Telephone Services Regulation
The Organization of the Saudi Post Corporation
The Unified Principles of Licensing Technical and Economic Communications Offices In the Kingdom
Regulation of Wireless Set of Amateurs

The Kingdom Participation in Search and Rescue Program by Satellites 
Controls of Introducing Rapid Information Transfer System (Internet) 
The Council of Ministers Resolution No. (200) Dated 7/7/1425(H) Approving The Regulation of the Fees for the Usage of the Frequencies in the Kingdom 
Circular of Audio Texts (700) Service  
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