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Lawyer/ Abdallah bin Mohammed Alnasri


Name :Abdallah bin Mohammed Alnasri
Profession : Lawyer, Saudi Justice Ministry license No 22/24, dated 19/1/1424H
Address :
1-P.O. Box 64860,Riyadh 11546, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2-P.O. Box 20859,Jeddah 214656 ,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
3- email: alnasri@mohamoon.net
Telephone :
a) 00966-1-4771088 / b) 00966-2-6614433
a) 00966-1-4771088 / b) 00966-2-6657129
a. Faculty of Shari’a, Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University
b. A variety of law studies
1- Member of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce Lawyers Committee.
2- Member of the International Lawyers Federation, membership No 156716.
3- Member of the Arab Society for Intellectual Property Protection.

Currently preparing a master degree thesis in commercial law from
the American University in London.

The study title: The Foreign Investment Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
and the contradictory laws

A The first, biggest and most comprehensive Saudi laws encyclopedia
website which, makes the Kingdom the first Arab country whose laws are
published and available with current updates.
Website: www.mohamoon-ksa.com
B The first, translated Saudi laws encyclopedia website
Website: www.saudilaws.net
C The first Arab international agreements and treaties encyclopedia,
in both Arabic and English languages, (includes more than 3800 agreements).
Website: www.alltreaties.com
D The first Arab World law related press dossier. Based on publishing the
news articles then tie them to previously published pertinent laws,
resolution and ministerial decisions and statements.
Website: www.mohamoon-ksa.com
E The first Arab lawyers internet club including unprecedented services.
Website: www.mohamoon.com/montada/index.asp
F The first Emirate Laws Electronic encyclopedia, promptly updated
70000+ pages
Website: www.mohamoon-uae.com
G The first Arab World internet law bookshop, based on publishing books indices
H The first Kuwaiti Laws Electronic encyclopedia, promptly updated
80000+ pages
Website: www.mohamoon-kw.com
I The first Arab lawyers internet directory
Website: www.mohamoon.com/index.asp


Establishing a joint-stock company to serve judiciary men and lawyers by
facilitating information acquisition for them and make it within their reach.
Propagate and upgrade law enlightenment among Arab countries through
publishing more electronic law encyclopedias … etc this company is being
actually established now.
Spread the civilian society culture and establish its corporations
(One of public interest activists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Every one in our Arab and Islamic nation should acquire all his rights,
in all kinds, according to the Islamic Shari’a and non-contradictory
international legislations, agreements, treaties and charters.
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